The Bond effect, brands boosted by Bond

We love a bit of Bond in the Commotion office, so much so, that to celebrate Global James Bond day 2017 we made one of our producers pretend to be him for this video! Take a look…


Brands have been doing well out of the Bond franchise. The £399 Barbour jacket that 007 wore in Skyfall immediately sold out and no sooner could you say ‘sponsor’ there were people selling it on Ebay for £2,000. This is a phenomenon that has been described as ‘The Bond Boost’. Well, can you really argue with someone with a license to kill?

It is not a new sensation, however, product placement in Bond movies has been happening since the 60’s. Did you know, there have been significantly more ‘deals’ in the past 10 years than in the whole history of the franchise.

Let’s talk about some of the brands who have done well from the coolest cat in town endorsing their brands on screen…

Heineken – No one will forget the brouhaha over James Bond swapping his vodka martini for a swig of a beer in Skyfall. Fans were outraged. However the franchises relationship with beer goes back to 1962’s ‘Dr. No’. Diehard fans would surely know that Red Stripe is actually the second drink that Bond ever consumes during the series of films. In the most recent movie ‘Spectre’ Bond boozed an awful lot, he sipped on Belvedere Vodka, Bollinger and The Macallan malt whisky.

Omega – Casino Royale saw Bond featuring Omega with dialogue. Vespa Lynd asks Bond if he is wearing a Rolex. “Omega” he says, correcting her. “Beautiful” she replies. But did you know that over the years Bond has had tie ins with Breitling, Pulsar, Seiko and Rolex.

Avis – Every single Aston Martin ever all with guns in, Jaguars that disappear when villains are near and a Honda ATC 90 for when he is smuggling diamonds with giant lasers. It is fair to say James Bond’s garage is not short of a luxury vehicle or 578. Bond’s love for cars spawned one of the most successful launches of a car to date BMW’s brand new two seater convertible the Z-3 featured in Goldeneye in 1995, supported by some killer James Bond themed video advertising, BMW secured 12 months’ worth of sales of the brand new car. Given Bond’s abundance of cars, did you know Avis famously cashed in on the billion dollar franchise during Tomorrow Never Dies when gadget connoisseur Q intercepts Bond at an airport where he is disguised as an Avis employee in a red blazer and tie and wielding a red clipboard.

Anyway we are going to drink some beer, buy some watches and rent some cars. Not all at the same time. Enjoy your global James Bond Day and if you fancy talking to us about how we can create some really cool content for your brand, then give Rajet our Head of Marketing a shout on: or call: +44 (0)20 7963 7281


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