To propel Heinz as a thought-leader with corporate-social responsibility in the recycling space. Over one billion Heinz steel cans are made in the UK every day, but steel is also the UK’s most widely recycled metal. We investigated where recycled steel ends up – and told the brand’s story through key partnerships and connections. The story was linked to encourage Brits to recycled alongside WRAP UK’s Recycle Week.


We filmed the creation of cans on the production line from a sheet of metal to a labelled tin of beans. Stylized footage of the Heinz factory and a partnered recycling centre allowed us to tell the story of the can from creation to its discarded state. From here, we established all of the buildings, objects and infrastructure that has been created from recycled steel i.e. a steel can. These included The Shard, The London Eye, 5p Coins and other Heinz cans.


The video has been used widely as a CSR piece for Heinz, and distributed to all their global partners.  It positioned the brand within the recycling and sustainability space. The footage we captured ran on LADBible and lots of ethical food blogs which promoted the messaging.

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